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Animal Rescue Foundation - Doggie Smile of the Month

Bailey’s new life began in November of 2012. An ARF volunteer was called out to a First Nations Community in Southern Alberta to assist with a young dog who had been visiting a resident’s house. He felt that Bailey’s condition was very severe and hoped someone could bring her in and try to help her. She was coaxed out from under his deck and it was immediately clear that she needed our help. Bailey was extremely emaciated with matted fur and very under socialized, it was also clear that something was wrong with her mouth.

Upon examination it was found that she had severe oral ulcers that were likely the result of caustic burns in, and around her mouth, the tissue in her mouth was also biopsied to ensure there were no underlying condition that would interfere with the healing process. At that point it was found that she also had a condition called “burr-tongue”, which is when microscopic plant materials is embedded under the tongue (likely from licking burrs out of her matted coat). It was unclear how Bailey may have received the burns, but it was clear that she had been unable to eat for a very long time and was close to starvation.

Bailey spent close to three months in foster care, recovering from her wounds, gaining weight and learning to trust people.

When Bailey was finally ready for adoption, there was a lot of interest in her – she was cute, fluffy and gentle – but her shyness was a deterrent for some. One special family took a chance on her though and while working through the adoption process, saw her true potential peek out here and there. This convinced them she would be a great family companion once she had the time to heal and trust.

At first she was nervous and shy but once she realized that she was in her new home, she relaxed and opened her heart. Today, Bailey has grown to just over 76lbs and is happiest when she is with her entire family – she knows when someone is missing from the group! She enjoys going for walks, playing in the back yard with a ball, stick or Frisbee and enjoys goofing around with her doggie cousins – a Siberian husky and a Great Pyrenees. When she’s finally worn out from too much play, she can be found relaxing in the sandbox or finding a nice, cool puddle to lay in. Bailey is a creature of habit and loves her routine. She takes “her boys” to school in the morning and is always excited to remind “mom” when it’s time to go pick them up. The kids at school are also eager to see her each day, and event he principal goes out of his way to give her a little pat as they all walk home. Bailey is a much-loved part of her forever home and ARF is so glad we were able to help Bailey heal and find that forever home.

ARF currently has over 30 cats and kittens that will be coming available for adoption over the next few weeks, so if you’re looking for a new feline companion, check our website frequently!

ABOUT ARF: The Animal Rescue Foundation (ARF) of Alberta is a volunteer-based, no-kill organization and is a registered non-profit charity. ARF rescues dogs and cats from First Nations communities and rural areas and places them in temporary foster homes where they are vaccinated, de-wormed and spayed/neutered prior to adoption. If the animal is injured or has an underlying medical condition, the dog or cat is fully treated by a qualified veterinarian while in ARF's care. ARF also provides spay/neuter and educational programs to residents of First Nations communities as part of the effort to reduce the population of unwanted animals.

ARF's foster homes are our lifeline. They are dedicated to the socialization and adoption of their foster dogs and cats and are vitally important to our program. Most of the animals that are rescued have never lived indoors or received any training. Our experienced foster homes have the capabilities, resources and understanding required to rehabilitate animals that would otherwise be deemed un-adoptable.

Since inception in 1995, ARF has successfully re-homed over 1,450 cats and 4,000 dogs.

For more information on the Animal Rescue Foundation, or how you can become involved, visit our website at arf.ab.ca