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Pawsitive Tail - November 2013

He is still called Luis, although we mostly call him Lou or Lou Lou (Lucifer when he misbehaves)
He is doing really well. The adoption papers say he is 2 years old, but I am 99% sure he is still far under a year old. He completely does everything puppy-like, like chewing when bored and tired, sucking on toys before bed, and the way he interacts with my two other dogs. We are totally fine with it, it was just a surprise when we took him home and saw how he behaved. My other two dogs love him. They are mostly dominant over him and will rage on him a little when he plays too hard or trys to be the Alpha. He is great with new people coming into our house, he loves licking toes. He's very protective of us if he sees a strange dog out and about, but that may be a Chihuahua thing. He is young and I know he will be a wonderful dog once he matures a little!!

His favorite things are chasing Auggy and Mia (his brother and sister), catching bugs, digging in the garden, sitting for treats, chewing on stuff, giving kisses, and cuddling under blankets. I've got a bunch of photos here as well. He is so ridiculously silly and we love him. He's definitely a great addition to the family!!

With much puppy love, the Wilson’s

About PMRF: Pawsitive Match saves dogs facing life-threatening circumstances in Canada, the United States, and Mexico. The dogs in our program come from shelters that have no choice but to euthanize due to over-crowding or because they are shutting down. We also help save dogs on local reserves and occasional owner surrenders. In many cases we are the only hope these dogs have, as many shelters come to us when they are out of options. We do not discriminate by age, size, breed, location, temperament etc. We are here to help all dogs.

Pawsitive Match Rescue Foundation, a registered Canadian charity, is a not-for-profit, no-kill dog rescue based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. We are run independently and made up entirely of a dedicated group of volunteers. We work very hard to save dogs in life-threatening situations and give them a second chance at life. Our second focus is then on placing these amazing animals in the right family and creating what we call a "pawsitive match".

Since 2007, PMRF has successfully helped over 2,850 dogs find a loving home.